Minter guilty of murder, life without parole

By Danielle Thomas - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Late Friday night, a jury in Gulfport sentenced 20-year-old Larry Minter to a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

It was an explosive day in court as 20-year old Larry Minter was convicted by a jury on 2 counts of capital murder. Minter's life was hanging in the balance as a jury deliberated on whether Minter should be put to death for killing two people.

Minter was convicted for the shooting and killing of Harold "Bucky" Levron and Christina Suber during a burglary at the couple's Gulfport home in 2006.

Before the jury began deliberating Minter's fate in the penalty phase, several family members testified as well as a psychologist and psychiatrist who examined Minter.

They told the jury if Minter had been treated with medication earlier in life, he would not be in this situation now.

Minter's mother, his sister and his girlfriend all asked the jury to spare his life.

There was also a courtroom altercation after Minter was found guilty. Three people were arrested after the disturbance, which lasted for about one minute. During the incident there were about ten Harrison County Sheriff's deputies in the courtroom. You watch the WLOXtra video of the courtroom drama right after the verdict was read by clicking on the video player.

Larry Minter has been found guilty on two counts of capitol murder.  Minter was also found guilty of robbery, but he was found not guilty of sexual battery.