State Supreme Court Endorses Term Limits

The Mississippi Supreme Court endorsed a constitutional amendment which would create six-year terms for chancery and circuit judges. The Court of Appeals also adopted a resolution Tuesday supporting six-year terms for trial judges.

Mississippi voters will decide Nov. 5 whether to lengthen trial judges' terms to six years. A constitutional amendment which proposes to change chancery and circuit judges' terms will appear on the ballot.

Chancery, circuit and county judges' terms are now four years. County judges' terms, not referenced in the constitution, are by statute the same length as those of chancery and circuit judges.

"I hope that the endorsement of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals will begin a strong movement for the adoption of the constitutional amendment in November,'' Chief Justice Edwin L. Pittman said.

The six-year term amendment was approved by the Legislature in April and pre-cleared by the U.S. Department of Justice in July.