Parents Of Teenagers Go Back To High School In Gulfport

Some Gulfport parents have rediscovered what it's like to be in high school. On Tuesday Gulfport High School held its "Parent-Student Swap Day". Parents walked in their teenagers shoes by attending classes and doing the same school work.

For Karen Sanders "Parent-Student Swap Day" was a double role reversal. As a parent doing school work with her daughter, she got see how Kristen spends her school day. As a teacher, Sanders got a refresher course on how a classroom looks through the eyes of students.

"I get to see it from their angle opposed to being at the front of the classroom," said Sanders. "I get to see what it's like and refresh my memory from my daughter's perspective."

Sanders' daughter Kristen Foxx liked sitting next to her mom in class.

"It's kind of like her learning again so it's like we're both learning. It's fun because she knows what she's doing, and I kind of don't so you get extra help on the side and stuff."

Enrolling in "Parent-Student Swap Day" turned out to be learning experience for some parents. They say with longer classes, subject testing, and larger student-teacher ratios, high school has graduated to a whole new level. Parents hope this will give them a better understanding of their teens.

"So we can actually get a feel for what the kids go through every day," said Deborah McGhee, mother of a sophomore student. "So when they come home in the afternoon and they say they're tired they want a nap, then we know they need the nap after a full day's work here."

This is third year for the "Parent-Student Swap Day." Gulfport High School Principal Lester Denley says about 150 parents signed up to go back to high school.