Coast Friends Share Emotional Trip On September 11th

Ocean Springs residents Roxana Snyder and Rachel Voelkel took plenty of pictures of their two-day trip to New York. It was a trip both women felt they needed to take.

Rachel Voelkel said, "I wanted to see it first hand, and be able to place what I was feeling last year this time. See where it happened, and be a part of history."

Roxana Snyder said, "I wanted to see the destruction. I wanted to see the sight. I knew that there would be memorials, and people there."

The women did not get to visit Ground Zero because the area was barricaded. But they still saw, heard and felt the emotions of the day as America remembered the heroes of September 11th.

Snyder said, "We saw people walking out. They were dressed in black, crying, carrying flowers, that was very sad."

Voelkel said, "It was very sad, and very emotional. There was a peace, everyone was very quiet. We did see people holding each other, and hugging and crying and holding up pictures of their loved ones with signs."

Both women especially remember a man they met named Gary.

Snyder said, "Gary was standing outside Ground Zero, and he was actually there the day of the attacks. He was in his office building and was able to look out and see the second tower when it was hit by the airplane. He gave us his story, and what he saw."

The trip did have its happy moments, like the morning the ladies got their time in the spotlight on national t.v.

Snyder said, "The day after September 11th, we got to be on Good Morning America, and that was kind of a special day."

Voelkel said, "We got right in the front row and we hugged Tony Perkins, and hugged Robin Roberts and got their signatures and got pictures with them."

Overall, both women describe their trip as moving and bittersweet, and one they will never forget.

Voelkel said, "It makes me proud to be an American and I am so happy I have my freedom."

Snyder and Voelkel are best friends, and they both work at Ocean Springs Hospital. They do plan to visit New York again.