Gautier Looking For Its Own Identity

Gautier has no downtown, so city hall sits right on busy Highway 90. But citizens say the small city has lots of charm and friendly, caring people and a motto should reflect that.

Resident Tom Molander says, "I believe family and the water, something that the city grew up with. That's why we moved here, my family. It's a family oriented society and community."

Pam Savelle agrees, saying, " I like everything about it. I think the shopping here is good, the housing is great and we have a lot of unique people here. So the motto should reflect the community and the progress of it, yes."

Smokey Kendig says her idea of a motto would be City with a Heart, and should pay tribute to the women who beautify the Highway 90 median with colorful decorations.

"They're great. They never ask for anything, they just go out and do it and what they do is very tasteful and they do it for every holiday and it just makes everybody go through the city of Gautier feelin' happy every morning and every afternoon," says Kendig.

Everyone we talked to says whatever Gautier's motto turns out to be, it should boast of the city's community spirit and pride.

Business Owner Bruce Grimes says, "This is a rather new town and it has an exceptional involvement of a broad range of citizens in the community and in developing ideas as to how it should grow and what it should become."

What Gautier is seeking to become is a city with its own identify that spreads the message of home. City Manager Jim Allen says a committee will select the best ideas for a motto and flag design but there is no deadline set. Allen says the city council will make the final decision.