Biloxi Wants To Raise Its Customer Satisfaction Rating

The city of Biloxi is on its way to becoming more customer friendly. On Monday, a group of city employees sat in on the first of a series of seminars called "Biloxi PRIDE," which stands for Personal Responsibility In Departments and Employees.

Emily Burke who works in Biloxi's Administration department, started the experiment. Hear a message, pass it on to other city employees and find out how that message changes as more people pass it along.

"It just gave us all an opportunity to stop and realize that because you tell someone something - everybody interprets it differently," said Burke. "You have to take that into account and figure out how you can express yourself in different ways to make people understand what you're trying to say."

One hundred twenty five workers from all city departments will use such exercises to learn how their listening skills, body language, and tone impact communication. The lessons apply whether they work behind a desk or out on the streets.

"Even as a police officer you're still dealing with customers," said Ronald Weeks a Biloxi police officer.

"I always try to treat everyone like I would my mother. If I go to a call, I act like it's my mom there, and I try to give them the best service that I can."

Customer service and communications experts from Mississippi Power are conducting the seminars to help people better deal with the public and their coworkers. Instructors told city workers to remember, they can't make all customers happy, but they can treat them with the respect.

Several employees told us what they enjoyed about the seminar was being able to interact with workers from different departments they might not otherwise meet.