Pascagoula post office opens for business three years after Katrina

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) "I love it."

The new Pascagoula Postal Office is open for business.

Customers packed the new 11 thousand square foot facility to get a first look.

"It's large, roomy, and you don't have to be right up against somebody," Customer Casey Vaugahn said.

Casey Vaughan says when Katrina's wind and water destroyed the old building, he had to had to pick up his mail from a tight trailer that was always filled with dozens of people.

"It was every aggravating at times."

Virginia Jackson agrees it was a bit stuffy.

"If I had to get something at the desk, like stamps or something, you had to stand in that long line. I understand that because everybody had to suffer a little bit behind this storm.

Now you only see smiling faces being served and that's just what Postmaster Pamela Lowery says she was hoping for.

"The clerks are excited as well because it is a lot more room in the back for them to work," Lowery said.

This main branch serves about three thousand people in the community. Lowery says it was important to deliver a modern, energy efficient and spacious building to customers.

"Most of the time the post office is one of the cornerstones in the community."

There is still a lot work that needs to be done at this post office. Workers say in just a few months they will be adding more green space and additonal parking.

"It is great thing for Pascagoula and it shows we are growing," Vaughan said.

A first class facility for a first class city.

Postmaster Lowery says her carriers have been working out of the Moss Point office, but they and are expected to return to Pascagoula at the end of the month.