Jackson County mails property tax bills

JACKSON COUNTY (WLOX) - Jackson County residents will recieve their new taxbills this week. The Jackson County Tax Collector's Office is sending out property tax bills with a 35% increase on average. State law mandates county's appraise property values every four years. Though most everyone's tax bill will go up, officials say they expect to hear the loudest outcry from property owners over the age 65.

Homestead exemption gives property owners over 65 a break on taxes on the first $75,000 of assessed value. Owners whose property values increased must pay taxes on the amount which exceeds $75,000. Joe Tucker with the tax collector's office says that will shock some people. "They will get a tax bill for the first time, possibly in a number of years," Tucker said. "And it's going to be new to them. And we'll probably get a lot of calls."

Property owners have have until February first to pay their taxes without interest.

Harrison County residents will-not get reappraisal notices in the mail. Like Jackson County, the reappraisal is done, but the county is not mailing notices to taxpayers. Property owners can look up their assesment online, or go to the tax assessor's office to get a copy. You can look up your property by address or the owner's name, as well as compare the 2008 assessment to other years. Click here to line to Harrison County Tax Assessor