Local Charity Needs Help

Twenty-nine percent of the homeless in Mississippi are families, according to a Mississippi State Consolidation Report. That's why the Interfaith Hospitality Network here in South Mississippi is working hard to help.

"When people fall on hard times, it could be you and I. It could be any of us. These are just us... these are very nice wonderful people who have fallen on hard times," said Jane Hall, network director.

The network helps families find jobs, housing, and other resources. The majority of the money to run the program comes from donations, but network officials say those funds sometimes run low.

"Our funds one day, I think we had $40 in our emergency funds and we couldn't even send them anywhere, so we found a safe place in a car for them to sleep for that night," said Hall.

Hall's hope is that she can help every family that stops by the network, so they can get back out on their own.