Landing that job as a graduate

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - There's no full proof plan to landing that first job, but there are steps you can take to improve your chances of getting that first job.

"In addition to the educational credentials, meaning a degree, they might want to have some certifications," says Angela Bryan, a Career Tech Instructor at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

Instructors at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College say even if you're close to graduation, the best way to put what you've learned to use is through an internship.

"Some of the local school districts have actually had some of our students as interns, and they place them as resource centers in some of the different schools," says Bryan.

Graduates looking to stay in state can tap into online resources to help them find career fields looking for new talent.

"The Mississippi Department of Employment Security, it's got a lot of great information in terms of job outlook what careers are going to be in demand," says Elaine Davis, a Career Counselor at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

Despite a depressed job market, the site revealed a couple of fields wide open in South Mississippi.

"As you would expect, nursing is always in demand, and teachers, they've predicted quite a number of openings especially for elementary education in this area," says Davis.

Landing that job isn't just about building your resume, it's also about building relationships, many of which can be developed online. Kimberly Nastasi, CEO of the Coast Chamber of Commerce, says there are many worth checking out.

"Linkedin is a business community where you list projects you've worked on, projects you're engaged in, and it's all business professionals," says Nastasi.

Nastasi also suggest students join professional online organizations related to their career field. For students who prefer the face to face approach, there are also other options.

"There are things like LEADS luncheons where you can go and network where the sole purpose of the event is networking. It's kind of like speed dating but for business professionals," says Nastasi.

There is a crowd when you're a recent grad. So if grads want to land that first job, they've got to be a step ahead of the bunch.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is opening a new career development center in about two weeks at its Jefferson Davis campus.