French couple walks across South Mississippi

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - "Everyday we walk about 20 miles."

They started their journey in Florida.

"Florida with Alligators, I see 20 alligators, and I was totally afraid. It was bad, bad my worst time," French Traveler Laetitia Casareto said.

After dodging creatures and surviving the rain, heat and humidity, Laetitia Casareto and William Guemaraes have made it to South Mississippi.

"We love travel. We like to meet people, so for us meet people and walking is best way."

The French couple is touring the world by foot to spread their love and experience different cultures. They also want to check out the beautiful scenery on the coast.

"Everyday you learn, and it is very interesting," French Traveler William Guemaraes said.

These walkers are intrigued by the southern hospitality. They say American people have shown a lot friendliness and love during their trip.

"Since we have been here it is wonderful, and American people are amazing," Casareto said.

The couple admits it's tiring having to walk everywhere, that's why they travel lightly.

"We have a mattress. We have a tent, and we have a blanket."

Most importantly, this team has endurance and determination to walk the world.

The couple is headed to Louisiana and then to Texas. This is a two year trip, and they plan to finish the journey in Argentina.