Family reacts to Gautier man's guilty plea

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - "I am not quite satisfied with what they gave my son, which was not justice," Mary Meldren said.

Mary Meldren believes her son, Michael Meldren's, shooter should spend the rest of his life behind bars.

"My son's murder's name is Joshua Blake Riser, and they sentenced him to 20 years for manslaughter and 15 years for armed robbery which I am not happy about it," Meldren said. "He is going to get out; he is going to be able to get married one day and have children. My son can't."

Meldren says she's been struggling with Michael's death since February 2005. The teenagers body was found in a wooded area off Highway 57 in Vancleave. Shortly after the murder, police arrested Jousha Riser during a traffic stop in Gautier.

"He was bonded out then. He was re-arrested two and half weeks later on capital murder. That's when he decided to confess that he did it by himself," Meldren said.

"It took so long to find out he got 35 years. It shouldn't have took three years," Thomas Meldren said.

Thomas Meldren says he was 16 when his brother Michael was murdered, and in fact, he misses him more everyday.

"My brother can't have his life back."

The family says they will hold onto the precious memories Michael Meldren forever.

"All I want is to see my son Michael come back in that door," Mary Meldren said.