Boat Still Stuck

Initial efforts to recover a sunken shrimp boat from the Ocean Springs harbor have been unsuccessful. The boat, which had been submerged for more than a year, was temporarily raised but could not be kept afloat Thursday night. Plans call for the vessel to be towed out of the harbor by Sea Tow as part of a Department of Marine Resources' program to remove sunken boats and other obstructions from coastal waters.

Captain John Ludwig of Sea Tow says recovery efforts will begin again when the threat of Tropical Storm Hanna passes. Ludwig says it is the last of four boats the state contracted Sea Tow to recover. Once the boat is removed from the harbor, it will be taken to Biloxi for dismantling and disposal, he said.

The 40,000 dollar cost of removing the shrimp boat from the harbor will fall on the state unless the owner is located. That includes 10,000 dollars to clean up an oil spill the boat caused when it sank.