Air Force housing project moving along

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) -- By Krystal Allan - bio | email

For Sergeant Kathy Blade, it's the little things that make her excited to call her new house home.

"I have an entryway for the very first time in a house.  I have an ice maker.  I've never had an ice maker," says Sergeant Kathy Blade, Military Training Leader for Keesler Airforce Base.

Blade, a single mother of three boys moved into her four bedroom, two and half bath duplex home in July.

"My middle son, when he came home, he called his grandma and said grandma this is the nicest base house we've ever lived in," says Blade.

"These homes have been called arguably the nicest homes in the Department of Defense,"says Brigadier General Greg Touhill, 81st Training Wing Commander for Keesler Airforce Base.

Built to withstand hurricane force winds outside and equipped with energy-efficient appliances inside, Blade says they're homes built smart.

"Having three boys who forget to turn off lights and who are constantly flushing the really does cut down on the energy bills," says Blade.

The goal in the Thrower Park neighborhood is to build smart homes in a safe community complete with security patrols.

Future plans include basketball courts and a community building for family gatherings.

"We're building more than just the buildings; we're building a community here," says General Touhill.

It's something Sergeant Blade and her three boys feel fortunate to be apart of.

"It feels good to come home to a nice beautiful home that I can be proud of."