Motel Owner Is Bankrupt

The Gulf Coast motel operator convicted of dumping sewage in the Mississippi Sound is bankrupt. Dominic Bui filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy after he was fined nearly eight-thousand dollars for pumping raw sewage from a broken lift station into a storm drain. The Biloxi city court case has been appealed to Harrison County Court, and the fine remains unpaid.

The beach near Bui's Super Eight motel has closed five times since 2001 because of high bacteria levels. Bacteria levels fell after Bui recently made repairs, which cost him about three-thousand dollars. According to court documents, Bui owes at least seven credit-card companies and seven government agencies, including the I-R-S and state Tax Commission.

Bui could face more legal troubles. The owner of a neighboring restaurant plans to sue him for alleged lost business due to the beach closure.