Sign Stirs Debate

Many say the message on the magnetic sign at Cleveland Avenue Church of Christ is less than spiritual. It reads, ``There is one God, and His name is not Allah,'' and it is causing an uproar in Long Beach. Several residents, including members of the church, are offended by the sign. They see it as an attack on the Islam faith and is inappropriate, especially with the passing of the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

The minister of the church, the Reverend Dan Huggins, is standing by the sign. He says God and Allah are not the same because Muslims don't believe in the Holy Trinity. Huggins put up the sign Saturday and says he'll likely change it this weekend because he usually puts up a different sign every week.

Mustafa Kemal Ozturk has lived in Biloxi since 1990. He is a Muslim. He says he hasn't seen the church sign, but says ``there is only one God, no matter what you call him.''