"Stop dumping here" says Moss Point man

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Richard Hershey has lived on Orange Grove Road in Moss Point for over 30 years. He spends most of his time on the porch he built himself, but for the past three years, it hasn't been as peaceful.  Just down the street is an eyesore, piles and piles of other people's trash.

"It's bad that could have been a nice place for a park or something like that; instead, it's become Moss Point's dump," said Hershey.

He's been looking at it every day for over three years.  He said since Katrina, people have used the area under the Highway 63 bridge as a dumping ground.

"It isn't fair," Hershey said.  "I don't go over in their parts of town and dump my stuff. I pay that ten dollars, and take it to the dump.

Public Works Project Manager Mike Bohlke said dumping in this area is an ongoing problem in Moss Point.  He said the public works department cleans up under the bridge once every few months, but that doesn't stop the problem from happening.  Now people are wondering where to turn to put a permanent stop to people's trashy ways.

"This is the worst case that I've seen, definitely," said Mike Bohkle. "It's disturbing because there's not a quick fix. There's not a way of just preventing it."

There is one thing that neighbors can do to help.

"We would like for the residents around here to be a little more vigilant," said Bohlke.  "And maybe if they see somebody or if they suspect somebody, to get a license plate number.  If I lived here, I would certainly be on the lookout for things like this."

But Hershey isn't convinced it will help. He's ready for the city as a whole to clean up the problem.

"They're trying to make this a showcase city here," he said.  "They'll never make it a showcase looking like that."