Pass Residents Remember Fallen Heros

There were prayers, songs and patriotic music from the Pass Christian Middle and High School Choir and Band during the ceremony in War Memorial Park. The flag that usually flies high in the park hung at half staff throughout the day.

During the ceremony people said their thoughts were on the thousands of people who died one year ago in the Pentagon, the World Trade Center and on the four hijacked airliners. "It's a sad thing that happened over the year, and like I said, people are just, I don't really know what to say," says Nicholas Antunica of Pass Christian.  His wife, Julie, says, "I feel for the people that lost all the loved ones. We was watchin' TV yesterday and they interviewed the man that had to go from house to house and let the people know that lost loved ones that they found some of the remains ya know."

Speakers reminded the crowd that the war on terrorism isn't over... and that we need to support our military and our government.