Tanker Spill Is Contained

A tanker truck that began leaking sulfur mono-chloride at a truck stop in McNeill on Interstate 59 is now stabilized. The truck was moved today to an airport in Poplarville for cleansing. The leaking white vapor was spotted from the tanker Tuesday night. Pearl River County emergency coordinator Bobby Strahan says sulfur mono-chloride is used in grease, lubricants and other applications and is very corrosive.

He says when it comes in contact with moisture, it becomes an acid that cause eye irritation and respiratory problems in humans and animals. Strahan says some localized evacuations in the McNeill area occurred, and that six people were briefly hospitalized and released. Strahan says the tank aboard the truck contained about 400 gallons of the corrosive fluid.

The truck is jointly owned by Suttles Trucking out of Demopolis, Alabama, and Dana Trucking Company, and was coming from a plant in Harvey, Louisiana.