Elton John Concert In The Books

Legendary musician Elton John is played Tuesday night for 11,000 fans packing the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.

This is the second time that Elton has come to the coast and the fans can't be more excited.

"I been a fan of Elton John since I was, as long as I can remember, as long as I can hear, and it's always been my dream to come to this concert," Elton John fan Ricky Lehrmann said.

Inside the coliseum, that dream of seeing Elton live, came true for thousands of fans.

"He does a lot of improvising when he's playing, he will absolutely be on fire, you just wait, his fingers will be on fire, playing that keyboard you've never seen anything like it," Elton John fan Lynn Baxter said.

"He plays to the crowd, you'll see him get up from the piano and interface with the folks down front. Elton John has had number one hit after number one hit. And, these fans can't get enough of his music," Elton John fan Michael Scanes said.

"Ohh my god, it's the music, number one, first and foremost, he is absolutely my favorite piano pounding mad man," Baxter said.

"He's a legend, Elton John was back when I was in high school, I think he was getting started, and now he's just a legend in his time, and everybody wants to come see him," Elton John fan Eddie Tompkins said.

Legends aren't made everyday, his time, tested music and ability to change with the times are what fans say keeps him on top.

"Ahh just the great music he's got, been along a long time and just super music," Tompkins said.

"I think he kind of keeps up with the trends, he has his on set, it looks like a lot of the older musicians do, the eagles, rod stewart, they're icons I guess," Elton John fan Betty Reid said.

"I think he's probably the greatest artist of all time, because he's lasted for so long," Lehermann said.

Elton played songs from his latest album, "Songs from the West Coast," along with some of his old favorites.