Long Beach Church Hosts 9/11 Remembrance Service

The Long Beach High School Choir put on a patriotic performance at First Baptist Church in Long Beach. The moving music set the tone for the 9-11 Remembrance Service. The event brought together members from various churches from throughout the city.

Long Beach Fire Chief George Bass said "Our parents shared Pearl Harbor. Here we are sharing 9/11. It's an event that will be with us for the rest of our lives".

For most people, the images of that tragic day are still fresh one year later, especially of the heroes who gave up their lives. Mayor Robert Bass said "We saw that commitment with ferocious intensity last 9-11, from members of the police department, fire department, and other public safety personnel. The event gave me a new feeling of thankfulness and respect for them".

Long Beach resident Scofiled "Bugs" Berthelot said "They're heroes, even the families. They gave themselves for us really. They were the target, and they should be remembered".

Heads also bowed in prayer for the men and women who continue to defend and protect us today. Everyone stood up and applauded the Long Beach Police officers, firefighters, and military members. Then, a moment of silence during a wreath presentation for the fallen.

Chief Bass said "Our job, a police officer's job, a serviceman's job, there's always a chance of being in the line of danger at any given time. To see the people coming out and share their love for us, the concern and care, it's wonderful".

Long Beach Police Chief Harley Schinker said "I feel good that the community is supporting the remembrance of 9/11. It's part of our history, and something we can't forget".

Long Beach resident Derma Myers said "I think the ceremony was beautiful and touching. We were all gathered in God's house together as one family, under God, and one nation under God".

Those who came to the service also prayed for peace all over the world, for national and international leaders and members of clergy.

By: Trang Pham-Bui