Coast People Talk About America One Year After 9/11

To Shirley Lawson, America since September 11 is kind of like the jigsaw puzzle she was putting together. The country is trying to put the right pieces in place to overcome terrorism. "This is my country and I'm proud of it and everything it does," Lawson said. "I know we've got a bit problem ahead of us. We've got to erase terrorism from this country. From all the world."

In the Donal Snyder Community Center's workout room, Yenleder Rushing said the September 11 attacks did more than destroy lives and property. They damaged America's psyche. "We lost a lot," Rushing said. "We lost security, feeling comfortable to be able to do whatever we want to do."

Since that dreadful day, Lily Gonzalez believes America has rediscovered religion. "I think people are trying to reach more of a spiritual way of life," said Gonzalez.

The question now facing America is whether it's time to make a move that wipes out the likes of Saddam Hussein and terrorist organizations. "I think we ought to go after him," said David Easton.

The Saucier man said it was time for America to reclaim its freedom. "This country is free. And I want to keep it that way, for my family and everybody's family."

So what is the state of America one year after terrorists piloted planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon? Shirley Lawson said the pieces to that puzzle are easy to find. "I think we're very united," said Lawson. "I think the whole country is united together now."