See the latest on voting problems across the state

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - Officials with the Democratic Voter Defense Project released an update on voter complications and irregularities reported at polling places throughout Mississippi.  Project representatives are in contact with local and state officials to confirm, review and resolve these problems at the polls.

Officials expressed particular concern about an unusually high number of affidavit ballots reported at Jackson State University precinct -- and have dispatched representatives to better understand why so many voters, potentially as many as several hundred, were not afforded standard ballots.

This is the third of several updates to come Tuesday and is not an inclusive list.


  • Voter purged from roles and not allowed to complete affidavit ballot. (Precinct 4, Resolved)


  • NEW: Half of machines broken, one that still works logs votes for McCain when Obama is selected. (Precinct 4, Resolved)
  • One machine is casting votes for candidate other than the one selected, poll workers still using machine (Sallis Fire Department, Resolved)


  • Several voters who have always voted at the precinct being forced to vote an affidavit ballot. (Precinct 201, Resolved)
  • Voter who registered at the DMV when she got her driver's license was told she is not registered. (Precinct 201, Resolved)
  • Voter who had registered to vote and had their registration card with them was still forced to sign an affidavit ballot. (Emmanuel Baptist Church, Resolved)
  • Polling machine broken, several people have to fill out affidavit ballots and a few moved to another polling location. (Resolved)
  • Voter who has voted at the precinct in the past was asked to cast an affidavit ballot. (Resolved)
  • Election officials checking off voters on an unofficial ledge while in line.  When voters get to official ledger they are already checked and turned away. (Resolved)


  • Affidavit ballots were not being written, poll workers were deliberately touching the voting screen for these voters, choosing candidates the voter did not intend. (Precinct 3, Resolved)
  • Voters who should be casting affidavit ballots were told there would not be able to vote. (Precinct 4, Resolved)
  • Only allowing six voters in the polling place at a time. (Precinct 5, Resolved)


  • NEW: Large number of provisional ballots. Husband on roll and wife not. (Precinct 509, Resolved)


  • NEW: No more provisional ballots available at polling location. (Precinct 26, Unresolved)
  • Voter names that are not on the roll are being written on legal pad but they are not being given affidavit ballots. (Salvation Army, Resolved)
  • Polls did not open on time. (Resolved)


  • NEW: Polling site is being blocked by Republican yard signs. (Civic Center, Resolved)
  • 135 votes cast but machine only recorded 24. (Gulfport Precinct 15, Resolved)
  • Some ballots had already been used. (Precinct 3, Resolved)
  • Excessive number of affidavits being filed. (Monitoring)
  • Significant police presence at entrance of polling station. (Resolved)


  • NEW: Several polling machines down. (Precinct 80, Resolved)
  • Concerns about who is permitted to vote with affidavit ballot. (Precinct 43, Resolved)
  • Poll workers don't have county-wide voter list, instead of figuring out where people should vote poll workers are requiring people to vote provisionally. (Precinct 31, Resolved)
  • Republican poll worker intimidating African American voters and asking for photo IDs. (Precinct 71, Resolved)
  • Voters were told they could not vote and/or were not helped in finding their correct polling location. (Precinct 80, Resolved)
  • Voting machine is taken out of polling location, claiming it's going "curbside" but poll watcher does not see where it ends up. (Precinct 81, Resolved)
  • Only one person checking people in creating an extremely long line. (Precinct 1, Resolved)
  • Poll manager will only add another poll worker to check in table if Republicans say so. (Precinct 1, Resolved)
  • Voters told they could not vote affidavit or could not vote at all. (Precinct 3, Resolved)
  • Voters not allowed to cast affidavit ballots, poll workers touching screens for voters and selected an unintended candidate. (Precinct 4, Resolved)
  • Only allowing six people into polling place at a time. (Precinct 5, Resolved)
  • Broken machines reported, still not working. (Resolved)
  • Elderly person requesting curbside assistance, polling officials require woman's daughter to wait in line for her mother, half hour long lines. (Resolved)
  • Republican poll watcher standing behind poll workers. (Resolved)
  • Poll workers giving affidavit ballots to people who have clearly moved and should be voting in another precinct. (Resolved)
  • General confusion among some workers. (Unresolved)


  • Circuit clerk told voter she was removed for not voting in a federal election. (Moss Point, Resolved)
  • Republican poll watcher behind sign-in desk. (Resolved)


  • Poll workers have quit trying to fix down polling machine, line is down the block. (Resolved)


  • Voter asked poll watcher to help with machine, poll watcher did not respond. (Mt. Olive Baptist Church and JC Building, Resolved)
  • Polling place moved, no sign or note about change of location. (Resolved)
  • Reports of robust police presence, including ticketing of voter cars. (Resolved)


  • NEW: Voting machines did not count first voters, poll worker said votes would be counted later. (Morning Star Church, Unresolved)


  • Ballots taken from voters by Republican monitor. (Pleasant Gift Precinct, Resolved)
  • Several voters turned away; Justice Department is reportedly reviewing the situation. (Precinct 468, Resolved)
  • Police officer, not in uniform, has twice parked his police cruiser in front of the polling location and gotten out to talk to people. (Precinct 406, Resolved)
  • Voter reports that Musgrove and Wicker are not on the ballot. (Resolved)
  • Polling machines list wrong precinct. (Resolved)
  • Voters not on the rolls require provisional ballots, were told provisional ballots were not available at that precinct. (Resolved)
  • Voting Machine only registering McCain votes and not Obama votes.  Machine taken out of service. (Resolved)


  • Front doors are malfunctioning and voters are getting locked out. (Resolved)


  • NEW: Third party group is handing out sample ballots outside polling location. (University Drive, Starkville, Resolved)


  • Three machines down, hour long lines. (Resolved)


  • NEW: Voter who has routinely voted at the precinct was told she was not on the roll. (Precinct 9, Resolved)


  • NEW: Police officers within 150 feet of polling location, walking around, not voting. (Resolved)


  • All polling machines down, using paper ballots. (Precinct 001A, Resolved)


  • Republican poll watcher standing behind desk. (Auditorium, Resolved)


  • Several voters turned away that have voted at the precinct in the past, told by poll workers that affidavit wouldn't count. (Resolved)

Unresolved reports are currently under review by Voter Defense Project officials.

The Voter Defense Project will include the following elements:

  • Attorneys, known as "vote defenders," will be prepositioned throughout Mississippi and prepared to deploy to areas that report polling problems
  • Election Monitors at each polling location will ensure lawful voters are not turned away and will report "aggressive challenge patterns"
  • Legal experts will be on standby to interpret federal, state and local election laws and guidelines
  • Rapid-response communicators will be on-hand to rebut misleading and inconsistent statements from state or regional officials