"Person of Interest" in Biloxi man's death held on unrelated charge

By Danielle Thomas - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Police have named 42-year-old John Paul Necaise of Gulfport as a person of interest in the kidnapping and death of a Biloxi man. As of Monday night, Necaise was being held in the Pearl River County jail without bond, but the reasons are unrelated to Frank Robert's disappearance.

On Monday afternoon, Necaise was in federal court in Gulfport for a detention hearing. Court documents show that John Paul Necaise has an extensive criminal history that spans more than two decades. That criminal past was part of the reason that a federal judge gave for ordering Necaise, who had for months been out on bond, to be held without bond on a weapons charge.

A Gulfport detective testified that in early June of this year he helped execute a search warrant at Necaise's Dogwood Drive home to look for evidence relating to a burglary and credit card fraud. Detective Steven Carlson said the search turned up a shotgun, a rifle and a pistol - enough evidence to charge Necaise for those crimes and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Court papers reveal that Necaise has been convicted on 22 different counts over 23 years.

Ten convictions were for forgery back in 1985. At the time, Necaise was also convicted of receiving stolen property and burglary.

In May 1988, Necaise was convicted on four counts of forgery. September 1996, it was three counts of forgery.

In May 2001, Necaise was sentenced to 12 years in prison, four to serve and eight suspended, for forgery and a Harrison County jail escape.

Prosecutors told Federal Judge Robert Walker that jail escape conviction made Necaise a flight risk and that he should be held without bond on the current weapon's charge. Judge Walker agreed saying Necaise is a danger to the community.

Necaise's mother, Elaine Necaise, was in the courtroom on Monday. She said her son and Frank Roberts are acquainted. As for her son being a person of interest in Robert's disappearance, she said, "I can't see Johnny doing anything like this. Yes, he's been into some things, but he's not violent. Never has been."

Testimony revealed that John Necaise is a full-time electrical student at the community college campus in Gulfport. That's where the Frank Roberts' body was found Monday.