Twins celebrate 100th birthday in Gulfport

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Together, twin sisters Settie Woods Reed and Bettie Woods Jones represent 200 years of wisdom, love and faith.

"It's a blessing for us to have them here because they have really taught us a lot of morals in life," said Settie's daughter, Yvonne King.

"They always taught us to trust in God first and lean and depend on each other, cause each other is all we have," said Settie's granddaughter Valerie Hill.

Between the two, Settie and Bettie have more than 80 children, grand-children, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.

"I just thank the Lord to bless me to see them and have them around," said Bettie Woods Jones.

"It just thrills me, you know," said Settie Woods Reed.

"As a child, you know, you see your grandmother, but who would have thought 100 years old," said Settie's granddaughter, Lolita Robert Benjamin.

So what's their secret to living such a long and fruitful life?

"Everybody ask me that question. What is my secret? I say my secret is Jesus," Ms. Bettie said.

"Look to the Lord, obey your parents and do the right thing and you can't go wrong," Ms. Settie said.

"They instilled the values of life. You must work for yourself, do things for yourself and then love everybody, that's the main thing. You have to love. You can't hate nobody because God is love," said Settie's daughter Yvonne King.

After leading the lives they've lead for 100 years, it's no wonder many are modeling their lives after the twin sisters.

"A lot of people tell me when they grow up they want to be just like me. I say, if you want to be like me, just look to the Lord."

The sisters' big birthday celebration actually took place a couple of days after their real birthday, which was October 29th. And family members say the two are still politically active. Bettie, who now lives in California, voted before she arrived in South Mississippi. Settie plans to vote Tuesday.