Supporters walk for Obama

By Elise Roberts - bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Obama supporters were doing some last minute campaigning. A group of South Mississippians made the trek across the Biloxi Bridge to show their support for the democratic presidential nominee.

"We decided to put together this walk because we wanted people to see that there are people here on the coast who support Barack Obama," said Carole Vann.

Vann is the organizer for the Obama Bridgewalk.

"We are all inspired by his calm leadership skills. He is a man who is obviously of great intelligence. He's able to listen to people. He surrounds himself with the best advisors," Vann said.

Biloxi councilman William "Bill" Stallworth agrees.

"People need to get excited and understand that there is a possibility that government can work for you, and that's what's exciting people," said Stallworth.

People like Dr. Mary Elizabeth Stevens.

"I was a Hillary supporter, but I had to get off the fence and come to Obama," said Stevens.

The 86-year-old woman made the trek across the Biloxi Bridge. Like many others, she was draped in stickers and buttons all to show her support for the Chicago Senator.

"There are too many people that hide in the closet that really believe in Obama, but they don't want to say that they are a Democrat because the in-crowd think that they are Republican. So we're the out crowd, and now we're going to get in," said Stevens.

It's the spirit of unity that has these South Mississippi Obama supports energized. And like the rest of the country's Obama supports, they are eager for change.