Young voters weigh in as election draws near

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Although absent from the polls in the past, this time young voters are stepping up to help write history.

"I didn't vote the previous time, but this time I will make it," says 24-year-old Anthony Colbert.

"The outcome of this election determines the rest of the country and the world as far as the global economy is concerned," says 22-year-old Grant Wendland.

Though some want to be a part of history, they've run into a few problems along the way.

"I moved down here on short notice.  I'm from Pittsburg, Pennslyvania. And I never made it to the registration office before coming down here, so I couldn't fill out an absentee ballot.  I can't vote here either," says 21-year-old Jessica LaLiberte.

But, some young voters believe the few that might be absent won't stop the momentum of the many who will vote.

"It's already records being broken with the early voting, so the change is now," says 22-year-old Levell Washington.

Whether that change comes by way of Barack Obama or John McCain, some say they're just glad a change is coming.

"I guess the biggest thing is that, you know, George Bush would be gone," says 22-year-old  Brent Amyot.

Even more mature voters recognize the power young voters hold in shaping the future.

"It's up to them to make our future, and they have a voice in that.  They can be apart of it.  But, if they don't vote, then they're just letting everyone make the decision for them," says Linda Budinich of Saucier.

Regardless of who young voters select at the polls, there's one outcome Brent Amyot says everyone would likely agree upon.

"I just hope on November 5th, we know who the president is. And it's not five days after that," Amyot says.