Local Church Remembers September 11

It's been almost a year since our nation was attacked by terrorists. Wednesday, September 11, America will pause to observe that tragic day. There are all kinds of services being held here on the coast. Sunday, one local church held a special 9/11 service to honor the Gulfport Fire Department. The firefighters got a standing ovation as they entered Temple Baptist Church. They say it's overwhelming to receive such recognition.

"It's great to be honored, but you can go and talk to anybody, anyone of us, and we're not heroes. We hear it, but we're just doing our jobs," says fireman Mike McCoy.

A moment of silence was given in memory of all who lost their lives during the attacks of September 11th. Firefighters say it's a unspoken reminder that hits home.

"This is a brotherhood organization, the firefighters, and when one goes down, we all go down in one sort of way or another," says Battalion Chief Daryl Necaise.

"It is important because it could have been you. Everyday that you go out on an emergency, it could be your last time going out, so you have to look at and respect the people that have done the job before you and have lost their life because of that," says Lt. Donald Knox.

"It's hard for me to read articles and see things without getting real sad especially for the families," says McCoy.

Special programs like this are becoming more and more common. Service men and women say the events of September 11 have taught us all a lesson about patriotism.

"I think now more than ever that we realize that we're all one nation, we're all one people, and we can only progress being together, working together," says Necaise.

Participants say America will never forget September 11, and hopefully our nation's proud spirit will never die.