Against Jackson County jail bond issue

Citizens who makeup Jackson County are strongly encouraged to vote "No" regarding the Jackson County bond election on November 4th pertaining to the jail. It needs to be made clear that the petitioners to relocate the jail are not saying that we do not need a new jail to accommodate the overcrowding conditions; however, we are simply asking that it be placed in an unpopulated area.

Undisputedly, the current jail has been in the same location for 40 years, but think back 40 years ago, people's rights were violated. Most importantly, voting "No" will send a resounding alarm to the supervisors to rethink the site at the current location.

Contrary to what is being told to the public relative to the mandated legislation needed for a local and private bill to be passed, all that is required to get the bill passed is that the supervisors must draft a resolution outlining a collective agreement of the entire board to relocate the jail, and submit a local and private bill to the State Legislature.

Lastly, regardless of the jail location in Jackson County, a facility of that magnitude does not need to be a welcome sign or in a gateway of any city comprising of Jackson County, but rather be in an unpopulated area away from all citizens.

Tyres Autrey
Pascagoula Resident