Teen confesses to Moss Point gas station murder

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - He's been at large for four days.  Now he's handcuffed to a wall in the Moss Point Police Department, and will be charged with capital murder.  His name is Darwn Maquel Wells, Jr. and he's just 15-years-old.

"It's bad enough that the crime happened, and it's even more saddening that a juvenile committed the crime," said Moss Point Police Chief Sheila Smallman, "and for a juvenile to even be out on the streets with a weapon."

Wells confessed Monday afternoon to gunning down Michael Porter at the Moss Point Conoco at the corner of Grierson Street and Highway 63.  Porter had stopped there to ask for directions, and instead of receiving help he was murdered.

Moss Point police spent the weekend questioning people, and their search ended late Monday afternoon.

In the interview where he confessed, Wells said he needed money, and the shooting was an accident.  He will be tried as an adult.  The hunt is still on for the other two men connected with the murder, but that search could come to a close soon.

"We do have two other juveniles that we are investigating as we speak, we have not received any additional information," she said.

Moss Point Police Chief Sheila Smallman said Wells is cooperating with the police.  She described him as a quiet person who answered questions when asked, but said very little else.

"He was cooperative from the time he was picked up, all throughout the interview," she said.

Smallman thanks the Moss Point community for the speed of this investigation.  She said the department was led in the right direction because of an outpouring of tips from the community.

"I'm happy that the citizens came forth, and we couldn't have done it by ourselves," she said.

The Police Department is still asking for any information that could help bring the investigation to a close.

"I just want to stress the importance of the citizens, or anyone that knows anything about any crime that takes place, how important it is for them to come forth," Smallman said.