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Fifth suspect arrested in Moss Point murder case

Darwin Wells, Jr. (Photos courtesy Moss Point Police Dept.) Darwin Wells, Jr. (Photos courtesy Moss Point Police Dept.)
Telvin Benjamin Telvin Benjamin
Terry Hye Terry Hye
Alonzo Kelly Alonzo Kelly

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point Police say Melody Jones wasn't a part of last week's murder of a Hattiesburg man, but she was led out of her work in handcuffs because of what police say she found out later.

"She knew of the crime," Investigator Terrence Gray said. "You had several people involved in taking the innocent man's life, and she withheld information

Police say Jones' 15-year-old nephew, Terry Hye, confessed to her he was involved in the shooting of a man who stopped to ask for directions at a gas station on Highway 63.

"She told him not to worry about it, because you weren't the trigger man and police didn't have anything on you," Gray said.

Police say 15-year-old Darwin Wells confessed Monday to being the triggerman. Wells, Hye, 14-year-old Telvin Benjamin, and 17-year-old Alonzo Kelly are each charged with capital murder in the death of Michael Porter. Melody Jones is charged as an accessory after the fact.

"As far as I am concerned, you are just as much guilty as the person who pulled that trigger," Gray said.

Moss Point Police say they are not stopping with this arrest. They say if anyone else is connected to this crime, they will be charged and put behind bars.

"Regardless of their age, wether it's 14 years of age or 44 years of age, if they commit the crime, they will be arrested," Chief Sheila Smallman said.

Chief Smallman said she's shocked at how this case is unfolding, but the evidence led investigators to the four teenagers.

"Whether they knew better, I don't know. But the crime is committed and they will be tried as an adult. They have taken an innocent life away. They have taking a father away, they have taken a husband away, and they have taken a grandfather away."

Chief Smallman said the preliminary hearing for all five will be held next week.

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