Arts Alive in Bay St Louis bringing in bucks

By Al Showers - bio | email

BAY ST LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Potter Barney Adams is one of 66 artists who is displaying his creativity before a live audience this weekend.

Barney Adams said, "Some people maybe looking just to see what it's about, but all of a sudden they see art and something attracts their attention. And they buy when they wouldn't have bought normally, so we tend to sell a lot of stuff here."

Long Beach Residents Austin & Jan Reid said, "Sometimes you don't really understand how a piece is created, so hopefully watching the process, you'll get a real feel for it."

The Reids say they plan to spend lots of cash while in town.

"We're starting to look for Christmas gifts, so this is an ideal time to find some things."

"The artistic ecomony is the strongest economy in the country right now. The shirt your wearing was designed by an artist. The car you drive was designed by not only engineers, but it's beautiful because an artist was involved in the process," Arts Alive Chairwoman Ruth Thompson said. "It helps our economy through tourism and everybody knows the tourism dollar is the most valuable dollar in the community."

The event is drawing tourists from as far away as Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Tourist Nancy Bergere said, "We had your artists come to Doles Town and display their art for the month of May, and they told us about this wonderful event here. And we just said we have to go and support you."

Kay Gough with Arts Alive said, "Some of the people are probably coming in from out of town. They might spend the night. They're going to eat a meal or so while they are here, so there are some spin-off benefits whether or not they buy art directly. So all these things contribute particularly at a tough economic time, so it's wonderful to have a lot of people around."

The two day event continued on Saturday. There are more than 35 locations throughout Hancock County where art work will be created.