Lost man killed in Moss Point while asking for directions

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Michael Porter and is wife Linda were going to watch their grandson play football in the Forrest High School game against Gautier.  But they got lost and needed directions, so they stopped at the Conoco station on the corner of Highway 63 and Grierson Avenue in Moss Point.  Instead of receiving help, Michael Porter was murdered.

"He pulled in and he was lost, to get directions. He was approached by three black males, they attempted to either rob or carjack him," said Moss Point Police Corporal Lancen Shipman, "and at that point in time he tried to get away, and they subsequently shot him."

Porter was taken to Singing River Hospital where he was pronounced dead from a gunshot wound. Shipman said crime like this is not that unusual in the neighborhood.

"There's a lot of activity at that gas station, we've had a lot of complaints from narcotics to robberies, and we've just had a lot of activity, just crime in general," he said.

Someone from out of town wouldn't know about the station's reputation, and Shipman believes that helped the assailants commit the crime.

"It was a crime of opportunity from the three black males, they took advantage of someone who wasn't familiar with the area," he said, "And unfortunately, a citizen lost his life over nothing."

But locals know the danger, especially after dark.  In fact, many were too afraid to talk on camera about the murder or other criminal activity in the area.  Still, Moss Point Police say things are moving forward quickly in the investigation.

"This is very ongoing," Shipman said, "We're still within the 24 hour window, and we're receiving, like I said, a lot of calls. A lot of people are coming forward."

Moss Point police welcome any tips, even anonymous ones.

"Any information that they can tell us, it's helping us out a lot," said Shipman.

Anyone who would like to share information can contact the Moss Point Police Department, at (228) 475-1711.