Broken sewer line makes a mess in Escatawpa

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

ESCATAWPA, MS (WLOX) - Some Escaptawpa residents say they're being neglected by the Moss Point Public Works Department.

"We have had a problem here, I know, for two years."

Myrna Lewis says you would understand her frustration if you came to her neighborhood. On Elder Ferry Road, there are huge sink holes and sections of the road are caving in.

"It is very hazardous for someone to come along with their car, and if the child would come along and get in that hole, it would kill them," Lewis said.

She blames a faulty sewer line. Lewis and her neighbors say it releases nasty raw sewage and causes the neighborhood to flood during downpours.

She says public works employees began fixing the problem, but unfortunately they never finished the work.

"They dug it all up, but I don't think they did a thing to the sewer. They put one load of dirt over it, black topped it over and it's sinking."

Neighbor Terry Killingsworth is also fed up with the haphazard work.

"They did come out and put up traffic things the other day after I called them," Killingsworth said.

When WLOX News called Utility Partners Project Manager Mike Bohlke, he and his men immediately came to neighborhood to check out the problem.

"Replacing the sewer line is a big deal. You have to tear the street up and you have place it all along the entire length. I don't know that there is a temporary fix. The best thing we can do is barricade it until we get it fixed."

Bohlke says he understands the residents' concerns, and he says workers will make sure the problem is resolved.

"I certainly wouldn't want that in front of my house. And it's unfortunate this is not a contained problem."

Earlier this year, Utility Partners began running Moss Point's Public Works Department. The project manager says employees are working hard to repair all sewer lines and streets in Moss Point and Escatawpa.