Murky Moss Point tap water will be cleaned up soon

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Barbara Jo Payne has lived in Moss Point for more than 40 years.  She says the tap water has gotten worse and worse over time.

"You run your bath water, and it's all brown," she said, "So I don't know what has happened during the years."

Now she lives with her diabetic granddaughter Alexis, who uses water to make herself sugar free drinks.  Barbara Jo spends extra money for bottled water to make sure those drinks are safe.

"I don't drink the water. I do cook with it from time to time, but I don't drink it," said Payne, "We buy water."

It's all about to change for Moss Point residents like Payne. The city is working on a new water treatment plant to clean up the murky Moss Point tap water.

"I think the main thing is it's going to improve the overall quality of the drinking water here, and it will elevate the standard of the water that we can offer here in Moss Point," said Bishop, "It will also enhance the service we are able to provide our customers."

The new system is a reverse osmosis system like the one in Pascagoula.  A few years ago, Pascagoula's water had a lot of people complaining, but since the new system started running, it's known to be some of the cleanest water on the coast.

"What it does is pressurize that water through a very intricate system of filtration that removes virtually all impurities and all things associated with less than pure drinking waters," said Bishop.

The project is running a few months behind schedule, but should be in full operation by mid-December.

"We kinda look upon it as a Christmas present to the citizens of Moss Point, and something that we can revel in for the first of the year," said Bishop.

Some residents have a problem with the location of the new plant.  Payne lives just down the street, and she wishes the city had chosen a different use for the property.

"I wish it were somewhere else. I wish they had thought a playground or a park for our children," she said, "but it's there."

She may disagree with the location of the treatment plant, but she's happy the new system is going into place.

"Just knowing that the water is cleaner is gonna help us out a great deal," said Payne.