Volunteers a blessing

More than three years after Hurricane Katrina the coast is blessed to have hundreds of volunteers still coming to our area to help us rebuild. The Giving Circle from Saratoga New York made its 16th trip this week to the Bay-Waveland area to help with recovery.

Not only do these volunteers help rebuild homes, they also help rebuild lives by providing mental health seminars for first responders and weary homeowners. In addition they have provided Christmas toys for needy children and organized Easter egg hunts.

Over in Biloxi a different group of volunteers, 49 Lutherans, recently completed a week at Camp Biloxi. One member of this Pennsylvania work group wrote about the experience saying, "I and the others on our team, felt very honored, thankful and blessed to be able to come down and lend our support. We brought home so much more than we ever gave."

These volunteers say they plan to keep coming back to the coast until we are completely rebuilt. They represent so many other volunteer groups who have made the same pledge. All these volunteers symbolize the wonderful spirit that still prevails in America. The willingness to help those in need. And each one of us in our own way, needs to find a way to repay some of this generosity.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager