Drivers Face Popp's Ferry Detour Congestion

The construction detour on Popp's Ferry road tested the patience of drivers Tuesday morning.

The already congested road was made even busier with the first day of school at the new Biloxi High.

Some expected a traffic congestion nightmare on the detour route. But it wasn't quite that bad.

Traffic began backing up before seven o'clock as drivers slowly snaked their way through the orange barrel obstacles.

Most everyone expected traffic back ups the first day of school. But expecting the congestion is little comfort when you're caught up in it.

"I don't like it," said one driver as she waited for the lengthy line of cars to move.

The waiting in traffic reached its peak shortly after seven. The line of cars came to a halt a few times, but for the most part, it kept moving slowly.

Biloxi police officer, Mike Manna, kept an eye on the early morning congestion.

"About seven twenty in the morning it will start thinning out a little bit. Traffic will flow a little smoother as we get Popp's Ferry emptied out. But people just got to realize that these kids have to get to school by seven fifteen in the morning. So, leave a little early for work," said Officer Manna.

The detour signs went up last week to get drivers used to the alternate route before the first day of school. Still, the early morning back ups caught some by surprise.

"It's very congested. I'm going home from work from Beau Rivage," said one driver, waiting patiently in line.

With the return to school adding hundreds of cars to an already busy detour, drivers would be wise to heed the police officer's advice.

"Patience and leave early," suggested the officer.