Families Find Holiday Fun

Labor Day marks the traditional end of summer.

For many, the holiday means a day off work and a time to relax with family and friends.

It's also a busy time for coast tourist attractions.

"You guys look like a pretty fun crowd. Let's give these guys a nice warm welcome," said the Marine Life trainer as she started the exotic bird show.

Hundreds of families found fun at Marine Life this holiday.

They filled the stands for the exotic bird show.

"Oh, she's going to preen her feathers so she looks beautiful for you right now," said the trainer.

While some watched the birds, others crowded the Harbor Tour Train for a quick trip around the park. Some visitors prefered the dolphin tank, enjoying the dolphins doing what they do best, showing off.

Whatever the entertainment choice, it's a nice getaway from work.

Kevin Grayson brought his family to the Gulfport attraction.

"It's a lot better than work," he admitted.

His wife, Michelle, said the kids loved it.

"It's a pretty good day. It's not too hot," she said.

Vinson Keyhea guided his fishing boat onto the waiting trailer at the Gulfport Small Craft Harbor. He spent Labor Day morning on a father son fishing trip. The weather wasn't the best this holiday, but it wasn't bad.

"Three to four foot seas. We went out by Cat Island. My son caught a nice speck. That made the day worthwhile because that's his first large fish he's caught since we've been going fishing. So, it's been great," said Keyhea.

"You can't come to Biloxi without going to Boomtown and the beach," said Jeri Jenkins.

We found the Jenkins family on the beach, in the midst of a messy sand castle building project.

"And we've had a real good weekend. Now, we're all sandy and dirty and have to go home and get cleaned," said Jenkins, as her daughter splashed in the water nearby.

Having fun with the family this holiday, was worth a little sand.