South Mississippi welcomes LNG terminal to help increase energy supply

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - "As long as I am Governor, Mississippi has got an energy policy. And our policy is more energy."

Governor Haley Barbour says the building of a new Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal is another big step toward more energy, especially during a time of increasing gas prices and a dwindling energy supply.

"We've got to increase the amount of energy to bring down prices of energy products. And Mississippi is trying to be in the forefront of that," Governor Barbour said.

"It is a very good location. It's probably one of the better locations in the Gulf of Mexico," project leader Norman Holmes said.

Holmes says the new LNG terminal will be adjacent to the Bayou Casotte ship channel and next door to Chevron Refinery.

"The construction is safe. We are going to do it a safe manner and environmentally sound," Holmes said.

Holmes says receiving vessels will be staged two miles away from any residential neighborhoods. There will also be a hurricane wall around the storage tanks in the terminal. The storage tanks have a nearly seven billion cubic feet capacity for LNG.

Congressman Gene Taylor said the LNG terminal is among several important energy projects for South Mississippi.

"We are expanding Chevron, we are building this facility, and the third thing is we pass legislation that says the next generation of cruisers will be nuclear powered ones," Congressman Taylor said.

Company officials say the three year LNG project will cost about $1.1 billion. Once the terminal is finished, it will not only supply more energy, but it will bring more than 60 well paying jobs to the coast.