West Nile Virus Patient Goes Home

44 year old Bob Conley of Gautier feels lucky to be alive. Last month he spent five days in the ICU after contracting West Nile Virus while fishing. Since then, he's been re-learning simple tasks like signing his name.

Thursday was the day he and his family were praying for. He got to go home, and doctors say, amazingly, he'll make a full recovery.

"I've been staying here since August the second. I feel a whole lot better than when I first came in here," Conley says.

He credits Memorial Hospital's rehabilitation team for his recovery and progress.

"Everytime I'd get out of the chair to just a little bit of walking, I'd get exhausted. This here was intense therapy right here, and it was a lot of work."

A full recovery will take a lot more work. Conley can now walk again and has partial use of his hands. He will do physical therapy at home six days a week and hopes to be strong enough to return to work at Ingalls in October.