Retail sales slump at Moss Point businesses

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - For more than a decade, James Winters says his music store has been the popular place to get all the latest hits. But lately, he's been singing a different tune.

"The music side has been declining, I would say, at least 15 to 20 percent from last year up to now," Winters said.

A few doors down, business has been very slow at Aneice Liddell's formal shop.

"People are just not making those kinds of financial commitments," Liddell said.

Both of these business owners know anything considered a luxury or an extra is easy for people to cut from their budgets.

"People can't have weddings and these elaborate weddings. I am not saying they are not getting married, but they are tapering down."

"If you don't have the money coming in you can't pay your bills, and you have be real careful with money."

You also have to be creative. Winters and his wife actually expanded their offerings to fight the financial woes. They've opened a deli and bar-b-que spot inside the music shop to earn more money.

"We had to do something to stay in business. If we had not opened the deli shop, we would have been out of business by now," Winters said.

Despite the grim financial outlook, Winters and Liddell remain optimistic that the economy will rebound and more customers will come through their doors again soon.

"It is going to have to get better, and you just have to be able to stand the course," Liddell said.