D'Iberville police target cruisers with "special" citations

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Police in D'Iberville have their ticket books ready and they're targeting cruisers this week. But it's not what you might imagine.

The city's special "crusin citations" are designed to welcome classic car lovers.

Car 54 patrols D'Iberville.

"I'm getting my workout today," said officer Shannon Nobles, as he muscled the manual steering on the restored '51 Ford police cruiser.

He's on assignment to issue citations to unsuspecting Cruisin the Coast visitors. The bright yellow color and antique tag give one cruiser away.

"You got your drivers license with you?" said the officer. "I'm going to issue you a citation for cruising. A cruising citation."

Worry gives way to relief once the "ticket" is explained. These "charges" are trumped-up.

"Playing '50's music, having too much fun, wearing a poodle skirt," said the police officer.

"Appreciate you coming to Crusin the Coast this year," he said, as the now smiling driver said so long.

Officer Nobles enjoys getting the double takes.

"We're going to get some funny looks. But it's fun. We're having a good time promoting the city," said Nobles.

A classic Ford gets blue-lighted in front of Haney's Pawn Shop.

"Let's go over here by your car," officer Nobles told driver Phillip Bush.

Bush got caught red handed driving his Torino through D'Iberville.

"We're trying to promote Cruisin the Coast by giving you this citation here and also have some coupons and stuff to promote our local businesses," the officer explained.

"D'Iberville needs all the publicity it can get. We're starting to become the 'go to' place to go do your shopping," said driver Bush.

D'Iberville has been a Cruisin the Coast hangout for several years. Classic cars will be gathered at the Civic Center next to City Hall beginning on Thursday. Click here for a complete schedule of Cruisin the Coast events.