Non-profit daycare desperate for donations

By Al Showers - bio | email

PICAYUNE, MS (WLOX) - For nearly a year, Budget Child Care Ministries in Picayune has been a life-saver for many working parents.

"It's a ministry for young women and parents who can't afford to pay for the child care services that they have today," Monique Darby said.

Darby is the founder of Budget Child Care Ministries. She says children are welcome, regardless of their parent's ability to pay.

"A lot of them, with the jobs they have, they can't afford to pay for child care. A lot of them have jobs where they change their schedules constantly. They will take away their hours, cut their hours. What we do is we are a child care service where we can continue to take care of the kids no matter if they have deductions from their hours."

Darby's Ministry also offers single mothers free counseling to help them become financially self sufficient.

"It's to help them be able to finance their homes, budget food bills and child care, how to manage their lives much better. We want to give them the resources where they can stand on their feet," Darby said.

But with tough economic times currently impacting most of her clients, the ministry now finds itself feeling the pinch.

"What we need is funding, not to pay employees, because all of my employees are certified, but they are volunteers in the ministry. They are Christian women, Godly women that are volunteers. We need funding so we can keep the lights on, keep the water on, maintain diapers, Pampers. Because we have some of them that come in and they don't even have enough money to buy Pampers or gas to get back and forth to work. If they run out of Pampers or clothes, I can say I have it, if the community comes forth and helps us."

If you can help Budget Child Care Ministries, you can make a donation at any branch of Regions Bank, or contact Monique Darby at (601) 347-0517.