Pascagoula Won't Be Cruisin This Year

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - "Shocked, disappointed, I'd like to know the reason why they're not in Pascagoula this year," Tommy Jackson's asked about the news that Pascagoula isn't hosting Cruisin' on the Coast this year.

For the past two years, Pascagoula has been a key stop in the week-long event, and Jackson's restaurant, Cornerstone, was ready to cash in on the extra crowds.

"We had plans of giving discounts to the cruisers; we had coupons and stuff like that made up," said Jackson.

Pascagoula is not an official stop for Cruisin' the Coast, which means there's no guarantee cruisers will come to the city. Pascagoula has traditionally held a massive free concert in partnership with the event, but this year, the city council has decided not to participate at all.

"We didn't think it was prudent to ask for sponsorships through businesses or through tax dollars to sponsor an event of that calibre if we were not an official stop," said City Councilman Frank Corder (Ward 4).

The reason why Pascagoula got left out this year is uncertain. Cruisin' the Coast officials weren't available for immediate comment.  The reasons they gave the City Council didn't sit well with everyone.

"Some of their surveys and polls indicated that people didn't want to drive this far," explained Corder. "Which in my opinion is kinda questionable when they'll drive to Pass Christian, which is just as far as Pascagoula or Moss Point."

Pascagoula businesses are going to miss Cruisin' the Coast.

"Any little bit helps, and over the years, I'd have liked to have seen it grow. And it could have been a big thing for us," said Jackson.

Not having it this year might hurt, but Pascagoula will find other ways to bring in people and revenue.

"We're going to partner with our cities here in the county to create events, that will kind of offset the loss of this event," said Corder. "We'll do our own thing here, and try to make things that are more viable for our own people."