Murder Victim's Family Seeks Justice

Outside the Harrison County Courthouse, Melissa Adams and her two daughters stopped people to give them fliers explaining Shannon Harter's murder.

"I'm hoping, possibly, to accomplish justice on my daughter's case... They really need someone here that can uphold the law for other people, other citizens in the community," says Adams.

Shannon's sister says a witness told police that Shannon was dead and her body dumped in a septic tank.

"There was a witness that knew all of this, that spoke with the killer, and actually saw her placing, him placing, the body into the septic tank. And he knew this for three days and it didn't come out until Wednesday night, and that's when they went and found her," says Shawnee Westmoreland.

Shannon's mother says "I would say there's someone else involved, cause I don't see how one person could open up the septic tank. I mean they had to wrap her body in a blanket. Her clothes were found in Kiln where her body was found at."

Adams and Westmoreland say the witness they believe has information should be charged in Shannon's murder. But the district attorney says the facts don't support that anyone other than Jeff Shiyou killed Shannon.

"I understand her grief, but the fact that she is trying to make circumstantial evidence cases against a number of other people is simply that - an attempt that is not warranted by any investigation that we have," says Cono Caranna. "We have interviewed a number of people who had information regarding those allegations and no charges have been brought and none are planned at this time."

Shannon's family says that won't stop them from trying to find the justice they say, so far, the 18-year old has been denied.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol, and the Hancock and Harrison County Sheriff's Departments investigated Shannon's murder. Last March, a Hancock County Grand Jury reviewed the case but failed to return any indictments.