Waveland Woman Returns Home Thanks To Camp Coastal Care

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Three years after Hurricane Katrina almost destroyed her home, an elderly Waveland woman finally returned home Friday. The happy homecoming began with a blessing from a Lutheran pastor.

The home belongs to 85-year-old Annie Williams who's been living with her daughter in New York.

Williams' son, Johnny Williams, said, "She would love to be here. Because the time they started working on the house she did come down and visit. She walked around, she was looking around and smiling, and she was happy to death."

More than eight feet of water almost destroyed Williams' home. Before Camp Coast Care stepped into the picture, Williams had little hope of ever having a place to call her own again.

"This house has been in their family for a few generations now," said Sarah Fazzino with Camp Coast Care. "Before they found us to be able to help, they didn't know what they were going to do with it. I think about my grandmother's house or my mother's house, if something were to happen, I'd be so grateful to people who were willing to come and help."

Over a six month period, more than 500 volunteers from all over the nation rotated in to restore the home.

"They are the real heroes. They're the ones that give up their time and money to come down here for people they don't even know. But they come back, they come back, and they come back," Camp Coast Care Director John Mark Vanzutphen said.

Williams described the volunteer labor as, "A true blessing for my family."

Camp Coast Care leaders say with 17,000 people on the Coast still in need of permanent housing, they're thrilled to see one more back into a sound and stable environment.