Wicker, Musgrove Spar In Mississippi Senate Debate

JACKSON, MS (AP) - U.S. Senate candidates Roger Wicker and Ronnie Musgrove cast each other as financially irresponsible Friday night during a televised debate in Jackson. Wicker is a Republican and Musgrove is a Democrat.

Wicker says that Musgrove, as governor, erased the state's surplus and increased the debt.

Musgrove says that during the 14 years Wicker has been in Washington, the national deficit has ballooned.

They are competing to fill the final four years of the six-year term started by Republican Trent Lott. The election is Nov. 4.

Gov. Haley Barbour moved Wicker from the U.S. House to temporarily fill the Senate seat after Lott retired last December.

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