Help Cleanup Our Coastline

All of us have a chance to help clean up our coastline on Saturday, October 18th. Because of Gustav and Ike we have a tremendous amount of storm debris littering our beaches and off shore islands. While county crews are removing much of this debris in the coming weeks, there will still be plenty of litter for volunteers to clean up.

Volunteers are needed to clean up trash at fifty different locations in the three coastal counties. Much of the trash in previous cleanups came from litter people left after enjoying a day at the beach. Last year nearly 35 hundred individuals took part in the cleanup and they collected nearly 60 thousand pounds of trash. Much of this debris if left on the beach or in our bayous would threaten the health of many of our aquatic birds or fishes.

Enjoy a fall day and help clean up our environment. You can register by clicking here, or calling one of the following numbers.  To sign up in Hancock County call 228-467-9048, in Harrison County call  228- 523-4141 and in Jackson County call 228 762-3391.  We have a beautiful coast line. Let's keep it clean.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager