Don't Text And Drive

We have all heard of DUI. But have you heard of the new safety issue called DWT, driving while texting? This danger came to light recently in a deadly train accident in California where the engineer on one train was allegedly sending a text message just moments before the crash.

It is common to see drivers talking on their cell phones, but there is apparently a growing number of adults and teenagers who are texting while driving. In fact one recent study found one in five drivers admits to texting when driving. That number goes up to fifty percent for drivers ages 18 to 24. And one researcher says texting increases the chance of being in an accident the same as someone who has had three to four drinks of alcohol.

When we are driving, we need to be concerned about the traffic around us and not whether you can reply to a recent email. Five states including Louisiana have laws specifically prohibiting texting behind the wheel. And, we believe that Mississippi should too. Hopefully those of you who are texting while driving will realize just how dangerous this is and stop the practice.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager