Biblical Reproductions On Display At Wiggins Church

By Don Culpepper - bio | email

WIGGINS, MS (WLOX) - In the sanctuary of his church stands a replica of the original Jewish Temple that Word Alive Revival Center Pastor Mike Dobbs says was designed by God himself.

"This was his blueprint. This was his design. Whenever Moses went up on Mount Sinai and God gave him the Ten Commandments, he also gave him a plan for a house that he could dwell in among his people."

The replica of the original Temple, believed to accompany the tribe of Israel on their journey to the promised land, was built by Dr. Dobbs' brother-in-law, Dr. David Hamilton. Hamilton is also a minister who's dedicated much of his life to Temple study.

"He started doing this about 17 years ago," says Dobbs. "He's traveled all over the county and did meetings everywhere."

The dimensions and materials used were all taken from descriptions and clues found in early biblical and rabbinical writings. Dr. Hamilton then made each piece by hand, to offer people an actual scale view of what only the holiest of holies might have seen.

"There's the brazen alter, then the brazen laver, then you would come through the door. And in the door you would come into a room called the holy place, where you would have the table of shewbread on the right, the golden menorah or golden candlestick on the right, and the alter of incense in front of you."

Beyond that lies the Ark of the Covenant.

"Once he stepped behind here, he was in the presence of Jehovah."

It's impossible to know how close these reproductions come to the real things, but Dr. Dobbs says bringing people Biblical history they can touch and understand makes them close enough to perfect.

The Biblical Reproductions will be on display at an open house at Word Alive Church this Saturday from  noon to 6pm, and at regular Sunday services at 10am and 6pm. Its permanent home is at Mishkan Galleries of Mobile in Theodore, Alabama.